If You Had Prepared 20 Years Ago...
Hello, darlings. My name is Jessica Rabbit-- Wife of Roger Rabbit, thank you.
I love my darling Roger-- He makes me laugh, and I'd do anything for my husband! And I do mean anything, darling- But let's not test those waters, mm?
If you're ever around Toontown, do drop me a line.The Rabbit home is always open to visitors! I promise I don't bite... unless you ask nicely.

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Back from vacation/hiatus. Gona get some posts done. ;o


What a Lucky Gal. from Werewolved on 8tracks Radio.

Traveling Tired — @Maleficent



With Maleficent seemingly vanished, the Goons tugged impatiently at the hem of Mrs Rabbit’s skirt. One of them ran off ahead, snorting excitedly. Of course, Maleficent was still there, she was kind of everywhere in this castle - eyes and ears in the walls, you could say.

She watched the commotion as the Goons tried to drag Jessica in the direction they wanted to take her, rather than ask her. She made a mental note to re-examine why she created and kept these idiots around.

"Oh! My-" Jessica’s brows shot up and her mouth formed a small o, before her eyes narrowed in disdain. She caught one Goon by the hand and swung him back, voice low,

Do watch your hooves, gentlemen.” Frowning faintly she moved with the Goons, smoothing her dress to bat away little hands, hooves and claws as they wound through halls and past great tapestries— Some were faded and ancient, it appeared, near crumbling, but others depicted full color screens too rushed by to see. One, she noticed, had burn marks along the edges…

"Where are we going?" She murmured as they turned down yet another hall.

@Roger - Pre-Spring Cleaning & Empty Cabinets


With Jessica’s hand on his back to steer him, the two of them began making their way through the strange cacophony of sounds, car honks, and annoyed shoppers.

The car beeped, and Roger’s ears perked up at the sound.

This wouldn’t be too hard! All they had to do was cross the vast expanse of asphalt and the never-ending sea of constantly moving vehicles that was the parking lot, to locate their small car in some ambiguous location.

— Piece of cake!

Then, another pause and Roger bumped once again against Jessica’s leg. This time though, he was able to steady the bag before it could wobble too much. Only a few meters or so, at the top.

"Cart service?!" Roger repeated as he was pulled back by Jessica. The sound of the wheels squeaking passed them, and the metal shopping carts rattling along the ground was enough to alert him to what that meant.

… They were going to be there for a while.

He slouched forward and attempted to readjust his hold on the bags. All that weight was beginning to take it’s toll, and his arms began to tremble under the strain.

Not only that, but the black asphalt that made up the parking lot was becoming increasingly hot in the sun, and he hopped from foot to foot to avoid getting cooked. The last thing they needed was to attract more wolves.

"Damn, Droopy! He’s so efficient at his job but sometimes he just gets so overzealous. You know I invited Leena over last week, and she said she’d hired him to paint the apartment? Well, he painted all of it." Jessica frowned and put her chin in her hand,

"Right down to the foundation," she muttered as the dust finally cleared, and their car was in sight. Spirit’s lifting, she half-dragged Roger over, praying through clenched teeth that they WOULD get there! They WOULD go home!

She threw the doors and trunk open just as the music started again, and they were safe. She sagged with relief,

"Oh, thank Heavens!" She beamed to Roger, and swooped down to kiss the tuft of fur above his head, "You’ve been so helpful, Roger, darling! I think I’ll make you a carrot cake, as soon as we get home,"

With a twist of his hair and a wink, Jess sashayed to begin putting away groceries. They were in the clear! All packed and ready to go, all ready to head home and get cleaning!

Well, if they got through Toon Town traffic. There wasn’t much yet, but over Main Street a large jar of preserves had appeared — Peach, today — and was hanging precariously on a set of wires. Her lips thinned, and she muttered,

"There’d better not be a jam by the time we get over there."

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Ink & Dust // Zarina & Jessica


Zarina would’ve questioned what the woman had been talking about but decided against it and shrugged. “My name is Zarina, Captain of the prates of Skull Rock.” She introduced moving into a light bow then standing straight once again.

"Er, yes…I experiment with Pixie Dust in order to create different kinds that allow for different abilities, like the one I used on you. If I hadn’t you wouldn’t be able to understand me, all you’d hear would be bells." The pirate noted, though she wondered if it was a good idea to be telling this much to the human.

"Well, I’ve recently created these," Zarina sad holding up the bag of glass beads, "apparently they have the ability to create portals and I’m trying to figure out just how they work exactly, so far I’ve learned that you need a certain amount to travel to different places I’m still trying to work out just how  can use them to travel to specific places." The fairy started to explain.

"As of late I’ve just been ending up in random places…like here for example…would you happen to know just what this city is called?" She asked, as she started to dig through her bag for her pencil so as to add to her notes.

"Goodness! A captain!" Jessica’s chair scraped back and she stood, then curtsied warmly. Lifting her eyes, then herself, she smiled and laughed huskily,

"I’m rarely in such esteemed company." Taking her seat once more she leaned in to listen. Pixie Dust was a vaguely familiar concept— She’d seen a few commercials advertising for it, but they were all fake. Sell your watches for pixie dust! Sell your lawn, your house! Pixie dust makes you fly, and all your dreams come true!

It’d turned out to all be some sort of carpet cleaner or just glitter in a fancy package. She’d known some pigs to lose their week’s wages over the hope of flying, just to prove the world wrong! Toon Town was lovely, but it had it’s share of shady inks too. Still, from the looks of Zarina— And the effects of the dust spread on her not but moments ago, Jess was starting to think this was the real deal. 

The beads caught her eye, and Jess reached for her reading glasses absensely. They were too small for her to really see so close without assistance, and her eyes magnified as they widened. “Portals? Like this one…?”
She pulled a thin, rubbery looking black circle from her drawer. It landed on the desk with a cartoonish “whap!” and Jess nodded to it, “We use these to get things from different places, or to go different places! Very handy. Though, they do make mistakes from time to time— Like, I suspect, your dust. Here-“
She reached back in the drawer and rummaged, producing a large hole punch. Lifting an edge of the portal, she punched a piece out, and offered it forward;

"A gift. Welcome to Toon Town. You can use this in your research, or if your beads send you somewhere …Unwanted." She raised a brow, "Just be careful and stern with it! Any silliness and you wind up all sorts of places."

She sighed, “Once, Roger wanted to go to the races and asked the portal, but he was laughing so hard at a joke it sent him to the Reeses! He smelled like peanut butter for a good two weeks…”

Ink & Dust // Zarina & Jessica


Zarina glanced over at the wall brow raised in confusion slightly before looking back at the woman. “Er, well…I don’t quiet have a reason for needing pictures though you’ll understand that the sneaking around was merely a precaution one picks up after a time when having entered an unfamiliar territory. That and most fairies are just taught to avoid humans regardless…” She noted with a small shrug and faint smile as she attempted to somewhat better explain her actions.

"Ah, these just be some notes I’ve taken while experimenting with something I’ve recently created." She sad looking around a moment for the bead that had rolled away from her. "Ah!" She walked over to where t was rested and picked it up.

"That’s where this rolled off to." She said opening her bag to pull out the smaller one within that held the rest of them. Opening it she carefully dropped the tiny bead back into the bag with a gentle cling as it landed among the others.

Jessica smiled and murmured,
"Oh, darling, do I know about sneaking around—" She winked and settled back into her chair,

"But fairies, huh? Hmn. Explains the difficulty Maroon’s been having hiring— But I never said a word." She fluttered her lashes, but  became serious as curiosity twinkled in her eyes. 

"An experiment?" Despite herself, she wanted to know more. Fairies were different entirely from Toons and Humans, and well— She’d read a lot of books in her youth. Part of her skittered with giddy excitement at the prospectof real fairies and magic and—

Well, she was glad she was seated, in any case. Blushing faintly she cleared her throat,

"What…Sort of experiment? Do you need any help?"

@Roger - Pre-Spring Cleaning & Empty Cabinets


“No no, Dearest. I’ll be fine! Don’t worry about a thing! I can handle it!” Roger replied from behind the towering stack of grocery bags.

The sliding automatic doors opened for the two with a quick ‘ding!’ and snapped shut the moment they were on the other side.

Roger continued walking, unable to see past the brown paper bags that stacked well over his head — and as such, he bumped right into Jessica’s leg when she stopped. He bounced back and quickly readjusted his position. Struggling to keep the leaning tower of groceries balanced.

“Jeepers!” He proclaimed, wobbling on one foot to stay balanced. “What happened?” His ears poked out from behind the bags, turning them from one side to the other as if they were scanning the area.

Then the music started…

Oh,” he realized. “.. Well, that’s okay! Maybe we’ll get lucky this time! Maybe the car’ll get closer! — And at least it’s not hide n’ seek Saturday!” He tried to reassure her.

Those were the worst.

"Just keep pressing that button, and we’ll be home before we know it!"

Roger’s reassurances calmed her better than she’d admit. Smiling, she lifted a hand to her heart and murmured, “Well, if you insist, Roger, darling, but—”

The doors sprung open and she stepped back with a beaming smile. He was so efficient and caring and— Well, slightly off balance, but he was a toon and it’s funnier that way. Her heart skipped a little as she sighed warmly, watching the cars move. At least theirs was easy to spot!

Beep beep! The music stopped and the car was somewhere to their right. The doors waved at them as if encouraging them to hurry up— Apparently it was just as disenchanted with Musical Mondays as Jessica was. Jess leaned down, placing her hand on the small of Roger’s back to steer him in the right direction,

"To the right— Oh! We should hurry. It’s a maramba tune— Those unpause quick!"

Beep beep! She pressed the button again to assure herself, stepping hurriedly forward. They could just get there if—

"Excuse me." A monotonous voice sounded somewhere around her hip. Jessica turned and a small gray dog in a grocer’s uniform peered up with baleful eyes. Jessica’s brows rose,

"Yes, may I help you?"
"Cart service, coming through."

She had just enough time to drag Roger back quickly before an almost endless line of carts sped through like a hoarde of hornets. Her ‘my goodness!’ was lost to the rush of wheels and the gray blur, speeding them along—

And the sound of music beginning again.

Jessica was starting to feel just— A little— impatient.

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Traveling Tired — @Maleficent


Maleficent waved a hand in dismissal. “I have no need for money but I thank you for the offer….what is your title? I’m unsure how to address you.”

Was she Mrs Rabbit? Ms Rabbit? Lady Rabbit? Usually Maleficent wouldn’t care and well, she still didn’t but for the sake of her wanting, she pretended to.

"I thank you for the compliment as well. I built it myself." Maleficent smirked and took a sideways glance at her staff, it had taken her a lot of energy, but her beloved palace was erected in a matter of seconds thanks to her magical prowess.

"Allow my Goons to show you to a room." Maleficent vanished back into the darkness of the castle and two Goons fell over themselves in an attempt to be the first to reach Jessica. They landed with a skid at her feet and looked up at her, gormlessly grinning and waiting for her to want to move.

"Mrs," Jessica said with a little steel to her voice. Her right hand moved to her left hand, where she spun the ring under her glove out of habit, and nodded to confirm:

"Mrs. Jessica Rabbit." She tried to smile but it felt forced, lost in her astonishment: She’d built this place? It was— It was quite a lot for one person! The masonry alone, nevermind the carving and—

She realized she was staring and cleared her throat, fluttering her lashes, “Forgive me! I was- Er- Caught up in the details. Goons—?”
No sooner had she asked than two spritely, greenish pig-like creatures showed up at her feet. Her brows rose immediately and she lifted her hands a little nervously, moving her purse out of the way,

"Oh! Goons. I see. Well, fellows— I …Suppose you know the way?" She laughed nervously and glanced to Maleficent. Goons?!

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Ink & Dust // Zarina & Jessica



Zarina held her breath as the bottle she was hiding behind was moved. She’d been just about to fly off as she’d yet to be noticed but stopped realizing it was too late and she’d been seen. The pirate jumped a bit, as the bottle was slammed down but at the woman’s question she slowly stood. She opened her mouth in order to speak but then remembered that the one before her wouldn’t be able to understand. Clearly just throwing the sliver dust wouldn’t be the best idea about now seeing as it might just startle the woman even more, but then she needed to use it in order to be heard clearly.

Like most things, when startled humans could be dangerous so it was like treading on thin ice. Ice…hmm…that got her to thinking she’d yet to make a snow-talent dust…she shook off her thoughts for now and turned back to the woman.

She points to her bag in attempt to convey that she was going to get something out of it. She reached in a pulled out a small handful of the silver dust which she held out for the woman to see. She moved her hand in attempt to show she was going to throw it so it wouldn’t be a surprise when she did.

The moment the dust settled Zarina cleared her throat, wings fluttering nervously. “Begging your pardon for the intrusion,” she began pushing a strand of hair behind her shoulder, “I was merely after something of mine that found it’s way in here.” She said grabbing the troublesome paper out of her bag in order to help with her point.

Jessica’s nose wrinkled; the dust was no more irritating than the usual dust in her dressing room, however, and she exhaled and ran a hand through her hair, glancing down at the Pixie with a slight smile,

"Thank goodness. I thought you’d snuck in to take pictures—" She sighed,

"You never know what they’ll try next. Men are such desperate things— Wolves moreso."

She gestured to a newer looking section of brick, bright and in a fairly cartoonish shape. Someone had quite literally busted through her wall— and though she’d hung photos on it and placed a vase in front of it, it was still very visible. Tsking to herself, Jessica moved into her hair and smiled at Zarina,

"So! Did you find whatever it was you needed..?"

She glanced to the paper, then nodded, satisfied. “Excellent! That could have been quite lost. Er—” She raised a brow, “What is it, anyway?”