If You Had Prepared 20 Years Ago...
Hello, darlings. My name is Jessica Rabbit-- Wife of Roger Rabbit, thank you.
I love my darling Roger-- He makes me laugh, and I'd do anything for my husband! And I do mean anything, darling- But let's not test those waters, mm?
If you're ever around Toontown, do drop me a line.The Rabbit home is always open to visitors! I promise I don't bite... unless you ask nicely.

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"Excuse you? Quite rude. I don’t think security will take well to that— Bruno!”

♡ "I don't even need to hear it to know it's true, but it's always nice!" ♡ "And you know I feel the same about you!" ♡ "My one! My only! My... Macaroni!" ♡

"Oh, Roger, darling!"
Jessica scooped him up and planted a (ostensibly obnoxiously) large kiss on his forehead, bringing him close,

"Oh, I couldn’t use a hundred hearts to convey— And you do already know, my only.” She sat him back up and ran a finger through the curl of carrot-orange hair with a bright smile, before her hand glided through his and the other smoothed her dress across her hip, as she nodded to the doorway,

"Come along, Roger— Let’s make a carrot cake."

Red Hot, Ice Cold || Elsa & Jess


Meeting after meeting after meeting.

Months of preparation led to this final week - diplomats from kingdoms across the world arriving here in Arendelle to meet with her queen, to discuss trade and treaties, and to look into any possibility of relationships that made her heart ache and her eyes water. The constant reconvening of the High Council at the end of each day only furthered her exasperation; she alerted them to every hopeful benefit and the highlights of each discussion, have her thoughts on the proceedings, and detailed possible changes in alliances, all while receiving the unending, unspoken pressure to pursue and sell herself for what they saw as the betterment of the country. Whenever that weight grew too much to bear, she allowed the room’s temperature to drop ever so subtly, amused as council members - often those most vocally against her - shivered.

This was the third day of the proceedings, and while Elsa knew the week would end soon enough, she couldn’t help but feel herself pull away from it all. At least she’d had the foresight to pencil in breaks in her schedule - like the one after the meeting with this particular royal, a prince named Miguel with dark hair and tan skin. She’d met him in the gardens with the hope of spending her break there, not realizing that he might take that as some sort of gesture.

By this point in time, Elsa’d grown tired to his constant drone about love and duty and tuned him out. Her eyes wandered to the pool, freezing the surface just under the fountain, as if testing herself. Noting her boredom, Miguel stepped forward to take one of her gloved hands.

Immediately a thin sheen of frost coated Elsa’s skin, her eyes a narrow glare, and Miguel froze of his own accord. “You forget yourself, sir,” she said, turning away from him. “We are done here.”

She almost expected him to follow, to try and get her attention once more, as stories told her men might - but after a few minutes of silence, she found herself completely alone.

Of course. Her reputation as the ice witch preceded her, and her actions here didn’t help that in any way. Fine. Let them be afraid.

It would keep them far away from her.

With a sigh, Elsa walked to the pond’s edg and sat down next to it, her legs tucked to one side. Her hand lingered open over its surface, gathering ice and snow from the air itself, sculpting something…something.

She did not yet know exactly what.

Jessica’s heart hammered- Has she just seen—?

A flash of white, a ripple of water and a reflection coming into view made Jessica’s heart leap into her throat. Wonderful. Wonderful! She had hoped perhaps a guard or maybe a kitchen servent, goodness a Knight would have been just horrifying— but the Queen. THE QUEEN of Arendelle.
Joy of joys. She could see prison stretching before her.

I’m not doing that again! She reached for her purse and pulled out the thin portal—

It leapt out of her hands and splashed in the water, catching her in the light stepping forward with wide eyes, voice half a whisper:

"Oh, Hell. MacGuffin proofed."

Her eyes met the Queen’s and she went shock-still, forgetting entirely how to ask the way out or to bow.

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Ink & Dust // Zarina & Jessica



Zarina tilted her head in confusion and curiosity as Jessica brought out the black circle and slapped it onto the desk. She walked over to it carefully and knelt down next to it.

"Er, more or less…" She mused as she reached out a hand towards the black hole. She gasped in surprise as her hand disappeared within. Removing her hand she looked it this way and that as a smile began to form on her face once again.

She glanced over at the offered bit and took it with a thanks. As Jessica talked the fairy curiously poked, stretched, and shook the strange black thing. “This be a mighty kind gesture Miss…” the pirate paused and glanced back up at the woman, “Rabbit was it?” She asked having recalled the name on the door.

"Is that so? I shall have to keep that in mind then." Zarina noted at Jessica’s advice. "So, how exactly do these work then? How dose one go about using it? Also how would it be transported? And what is the ‘Reeses’?" Realizing she was asking quite a bit at once the pirate cut her questions off with a light laugh.

"Ah, sorry I tend to get carried away with questions sometimes…" She said with a small apologetic shrug.

Jessica’s smile softened and she laughed warmly, leaning back in her chair. She glanced at the clock on the wall— Yes, still plenty of time. Twenty minutes until her next set, and moreso if the one before hers destroyed the stage… Again.

"Rabbit it was," she confirmed with a nod, and mused,
"Well. I’m not sure how they work— Toon Science wasn’t something I excelled at, you understand— but I know you just say, or sometimes, if you’re particularly strong-willed, think where you’d like to be, and it takes you. Granted, they do malfunction, and they’re terrible when you need them.”

She sighed, “MacGuffin proof technology at it’s finest. Don’t rely on it to /really/ get you out of trouble.”

Jess quirked a brow at Zarina’s inquistiveness, and a smile lit her face. Leaning forward, she demonstrated with a fingertip;

"You can just— Fold it! There, see? Just tug at it and it unfolds."

True to her word, it flopped in on itself. Jess turned and busied herself in a periwinkle candy dish on her dresser, and pulled out a foil wrapped candy:

"This is a Reeses. It’s- Er, probably a little old, but it’s chocolate. You’re welcome to it- I try not to eat between songs too often." 

She cleared her throat, “Never know when you’ll be called up abruptly, after all, and I learned my lesson with the hotdogs..”

@Roger - Pre-Spring Cleaning & Empty Cabinets


The cacophony of horns, and music, and squeaking tires was becoming a bit too much. And Roger continued to hop from foot to foot  in an effort to avoid having his feet cooked on the heated asphalt.

Luckily, before long the cars had cleared and Jessica was dragging him along — hopefully back to their car. Roger could only allow himself to be dragged, hugging onto the tower of groceries as it leaned precariously above his lead from the sudden movement.

And then, he saw it. Their car! They were right beside it! All they had to do was get inside before it bounded off again. A beep of the car unlocking, and a quick pull of the door, and they were in, groceries securely (or not so securely) shoved into the small trunk which should have been too small to hold everything.

The trunk door opened and closed as they went over the various hills and bumps that Toontown had to offer, but somehow, nothing fell out. There were advantages to shopping in Toontown.

Boy!” Roger laughed, placing his hands on his knees. It felt good to be able to talk again. “I thought we were never gonna get out’ta there! That was worse than the time we went to see your boss, and we had to sign all those boring papers!” He laughed, then swallowed his words and looked up at her, ears falling slightly. “I mean, ya’know… not that I minded, darling.” He batted his eyes at her for good measure — before they came to a screeching halt and his head flew forward and smacked into the dashboard, flattening his nose.

It popped back out into place with a shake of his head.

“Ow!” He said, wiggling his nose as he looked out the window. “Oh, no… a jam!” He exclaimed, seeing the large jar of preserves parading around the street. It was blocking traffic all the way down the block. They were never going to eat, at this rate.

“Maybe we can take a detour?” He suggested, looking back the way they had come. “No one drives through the black and white neighbourhoods around now! We could cut through there in no time!”

"I hope so," Jessica frowned as she gripped the wheel and looked behind her. She was ignoring the remark about papers for now; it had been tedious, and she knew poor Roger didn’t like that sort of thing. She’d had to do his paperwork more times than she could count..!

 The road was clear, and the Jam seemed to be distracted, waggling one over-sized hand in a white glove at a worm driving a large apple. She nodded once, pulling back and switching lanes,

"Good idea, darling! They’re bound to be empty at this hour, as long as we watch for paper airplanes we should be fine.."

They tuned to the left and down a slowly desaturating road, as the buildings started to shrink and become more animated, but also more— Tired? Worn. The effect was strange, as everything faded into shades of gray, from sky to sidewalk. 

"It’s nice that that Paperman brought some life back into the area," She added lightly.

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Jessica bites back a smirk, and chuckles throatily, "Here you are, your highness! ♡ "


Kuzco blinks, and struggles briefly with a cough of disbelief— face red, he mumbles, 

"Like, an nine-point-two, okay? That’s all your getting. Tall girls girls aren’t my thing."

"Nine point two? Well, I’ll take it." She grinned, "Thank you, Kuzco!"

"Gentle madam, do take this ♡ as a token to your beauty and poise, and let the heavens sing with praise for you~!"

"Oh, why thank you, Edward! I’ll cherish it, I promise." She beams and places it on her mantle,

"Though I’d not let Roger know- Just this once."

Prince Hans turned a bit as he walked, grinning and waving at the last person he'd given a ♡ to -- and bumped into something a bit soft, bouncing back slightly. "Oh! Geez, sorry, I keep stumbling into--" Hans looked, paused, and slapped his hand to his forehead. "I am so sorry, Mrs. Rabbit..." This time it was Hans who dropped the ♡, and it attached itself merrily to Jessica Rabbit's boot.

Jess raised a brow and knelt to pick up the heart, turning it carefully,

"What have we here, Hans? A hea- Ah."

She smiled warmly and chuckled, tucking it away into her purse, peering at him briefly, “No need to apologize. Goodness! How would I tell you, without upsetting my husband, using the word, love, or implying anything beyond our delightful, friendly acquaintanceship? Mm, that is tricky..”

She mulled it over for a moment, before nodding carefully,

"I’d lend you our home, for as long as you need. Or any other help you and that friend of yours may need— Goodness knows a road trip can quite sap the strength out of someone! And should you need help with anything else, Hans-"
She paused then rummaged through her bag, and passed over a small card, inscribed with flowing cursive: JESSICA L. K. RABBIT.

"Just hold this up to the light. We’ll find you!"

Send a ♡ to hear how my character would tell your character that they loved them without actually using the word “love.”

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Kuzco and Hans’s Big Adventure || ROAD TRIP!



As soon as he was scooped up by Jessica, his smile returned almost immediately — and when they kissed, his ears shot to attention and his arms wrapped around her shoulders to return it with the same intensity.

Now, cartoon hearts of his own popped into existence above his head. The tiny symbols of affection linked arms and skipped merrily around Roger’s ears in a happy halo.

Finally, the two broke apart with a cartoonish ‘POP!’ and Roger dropped back to his feet, stumbling back woozily and holding his head as Jessica sauntered out of the room.

Woo-hoo-hoo!” He hopped up into the air, and fell back against the nearby couch. The surface behind him seemed to be the only thing keeping him from melting into a puddle right onto the floor. “I am one lucky bunny!” He spoke, still in a daze as he watched Jessica  disappear around the corner.

Her departure had him snapping back to reality and shaking his head — and all at once, the cartoon hearts poofed away just as quickly as they had come — most likely off to find some other lovestruck citizen.

Now, Roger’s attention turned back to the two guests, but his goofy smile remained. Pushing himself back onto his feet, he nodded at Hans’ observation and hopped up onto the couch so he could be closer to their eye level.

“They sure do.” He giggled, holding his hands behind his back. He was clearly in a better mood than he had been a few moments prior. “I don’t know the anatomy behind it, but I guess they sing with their voicebox! Or something like that!” The rabbit shrugged, beginning to bounce on the couch. “Wanna see ‘em? They love an audience!” He looked to Kuzco. “Providing you’re not dying anymore! That might make things kinda awkward.”

Jessica returned, sans-apron, but with a large first aid kit in her arms. The large toolbox read in bright, glaring letters, “Emergencies only!” and she was wading through the top drawer, moving aside emergency carrots and portals and party favors and white elephant gifts before moving to the next shelf, murmuring to herself:

"Why do we have such a broad idea about emergencies here..?"

She deposited a full-sized fire hydrant and what looked to, hopefully, be a large prop sword, though it glistened convincingly. She held up at last a cold ice pack and a box of bandages, trying to smile kindly,

"Will these do? I’ll give them to you, Hans, since someone," this was accented with a curt frown and a sniff,

"Doesn’t enjoy physical contact.” 

Her eyes wandered to the windows and she glanced down to Roger, her curtness melting into a warm smile as she beamed at him, 

"Whatever were you discussing, darling? Oh— The nieghbors aren’t trying to put us under siege again, are they?"

Her brow creased and she crossed to the window, throwing it open with abandon and yelling out, 

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