If You Had Prepared 20 Years Ago...
Hello, darlings. My name is Jessica Rabbit-- Wife of Roger Rabbit, thank you.
I love my darling Roger-- He makes me laugh, and I'd do anything for my husband! And I do mean anything, darling- But let's not test those waters, mm?
If you're ever around Toontown, do drop me a line.The Rabbit home is always open to visitors!
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Distant Rumbles..!

Jess yelped and jumped— The ground shook lightly and a low noise was heard. It was distant—

But close enough she could see the smoke. Her eyes widened and she swore aloud, bracing herself-

Only more rumbling. Sirens— It was perhapsĀ miles away, but Toontown had a thing for exaggeration. She looked up to the street lamps, which were nearly bent double with wide-eyes, and her quaking mailbox opened and shut its mouth with rapid, worried chatter. She hurried to sooth it, but started into the distance, brow furrowed-

The hell was that?